DynePod taps into the Internet of Toys

American startup Dynepic understands something every small child does: toys can, and do, talk to each other. And you can talk to them, too. Dynepic is aiming to develop an “Internet of Toys” architecture where toys and their controlling devices – the DynePods – are connected and controllable via an open source cloud system which can be programmed from an iPad.
Children can set alerts for certain actions Children can link in to each other and create alarms or alerts for then they are nearby The DynePod interface A SensiBot The notion of the Internet of Things is that it will be ubiquitous by nature, and toys are no exception. Dynepic, a startup out of North Carolina founded by Krissa Watry, an MIT-educated rocket scientist, is getting in on the act with a deceptively simple cloud system based around a wearable keypad, which children above five can program using a simple IF/THEN code displayed in graphics.

Bluetooth connection

The DynePod is basically a wearable device that can detect other DynePods via sensor. It uses a Bluetooth connection, and has a basic LED display on its front much like a digital watch and operates via four modes that include a standalone mode and a “fully connected play mode” that links the little DynePod to cloud services.

One child can program their tablet to recognize when a friend’s toy is in range and set off an alert. Another possibly useful function (albeit one that could sow some acrimony) is that children can create an alarm that lets you know when someone is opening your toy chest.

Source: http://newatlas.com/dynepod-internet-of-toys/34707/