FAQ about Cyber Attack on VTech Learning Lodge

About the Re-opening of Learning Lodge
1. When did the Learning Lodge go back online?

2. What services are now back online?

3. What can I expect to see when I connect back to the Learning Lodge?

4. Can I delete my Learning Lodge account?

5. Can I register a new product on Learning Lodge account?

6. Can my product use the app store now?

7. What about Kid Connect?

8. What about PlanetVTech and other suspended websites?

About the incident
9. I have heard that there was a data breach on a VTech website – can you confirm if this is true?

10. What websites and services were affected?

11. When did you find out about the breach?

12. When did you inform customers and the public about the incident?

13. How many customers are affected?

14. Could you provide a breakdown of number of people affected by each country?

15. How did the hacker get into your database?

16. It is reported that the UK police arrested someone in connection with the hacking in December 2015. What is the progress of the police investigation?

17. What kind of information is in the databases?

18. Was any credit card information stolen?

19. Why do you need to retain any customer information?

20. Is there anything I can do to better protect myself?

21. What is VTech doing to protect data stored on Kid Connect?

22. Has VTech informed its customers?

23. Has VTech reported the case to any authorities? Are you being investigated?

Source: VTECH