What is…?

The Platform Internet of Toys is an international community that puts the most important questions regarding high tech and connected toys on the table. The Platform was founded by Mary-Jo de Leeuw after she got tired of the ease with which she could hack the toys that were made available to her.

Legislations and standards

Today the Platform consists of hackers, scientists, toys manufacturers, legislators and policy makers who regularly meet to address the security and privacy breaches within popular toys. Furthermore the platform works to get legislations and standards for secure toys in place.

Pro’s and cons of the Internet of Toys

The Platform is not just a place where grown-ups play with hacked baby dolls, neurowear for toddlers and children’s drones. No, the Platform helps identify the pro’s and cons of the Internet of Toys. By bringing together various stakeholders in the Platform to share their knowledge and work together to make 21st century toys fun ánd secure again!